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Although we take great pride in our company’s history, this website is not meant to present that history in every detail. Should you be sincerely interested, we would be pleased to tell you our story, in person, as in the many years of our company’s existence, we have indeed gone through a great deal!
This part of the website provides you with a summary, of the nature of our company and its core activities. When, after having read this information, you are convinced that we know our business and we are constantly improving and innovating our way of working, then we have reached our goal!

Transport Company C. Groenenboom B.V. has been active in roadtransport since 1962. In 1970 we engaged in the business of processing and transport of seacontainers, which has become an increasingly growing business ever since.

As from 1983, being one of the first companies, we settled down at the industrial area at Ridderkerk, close to Rotterdam, where we have our main offices and garages. Planning related to both our lorries and barges takes place at our offices located at the port of Ridderkerk, address: 18 Haven, Ridderkerk.

33 t/m Crane load-bearing diagram

Empty weight: 15.640 kg
Loading capacity: 12.360 kg

44 t/m Crane load-bearing diagram

Empty weight: 20.040 kg
Loading capacity: 16.960 kg


78 t/m Crane load-bearing diagram

On Scania R490 LB8x2*6HNB 7 x hydraulic extension

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