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C.P. Groenenboom Garagebedrijf BV

About us

Maintenance and repair on a 24/7 basis is essential to guarantee the reliability of our lorry and trailerpark and other equipment.

This has been our driving force to start with Truck Service C. Groenenboom B.V. in 1981, later renamed as C. Groenenboom Garagebedrijf B.V. Originally it was only meant to serve as the platform for repairing and maintaining our own equipment. Repair and maintenance of third party lorries was added later on, allthough  on a modest scale. Our maintenance personnel are all in the possession of all required qualifications and certificates.
Updating of skills on a regular basis is self-evident.

Our lorry and trailerpark is our businesscard. We guarantee that not only the technical state, but also the outward appearance is in prime condition. We have therefore installed a state of the art car wash, which is also available for third parties at very reasonable rates.

For the expert: Groenenboom does not use a brushing machine, but prefers old fashioned cleaning with a brush and soap, after which steamcleaning provides the required results. It is our experience that this method is to be preferred, as this ensures that every nook and granny can be reached and cleaned perfectly. Open six days a week. You are most welcome to make use of our services!

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