Transport branch

Transportbedrijf C. Groenenboom BV.

Founded: 1962, an institution for more than 50 years.


Garage/maintenance branch

C.P. Groenenboom Garagebedrijf BV.

We go the extra mile when reliability and service is at stake.



Groenenboom Containertransferium Ridderkerk.

The added value to our transport and handling activities at Ridderkerk.


You will find us here:

Transportbedrijf C. Groenenboom BV
C.P. Groenenboom Garagebedrijf BV

Nikkelstraat 65
NL-2984 AM Ridderkerk
The Netherlands

T + 31 (0) 180 – 42 89 55
E transport@groenenboomtransport.nl

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam

24139891 Transportbedrijf C. Groenenboom BV
24371487 C.P. Groenenboom Garagebedrijf BV

7 Days/week 24 hrs/day

Groenenboom Containertransferium

Haven 18
NL-2984 BR Ridderkerk
The Netherlands

T + 31 (0) 180 – 42 89 55
E info@gctr.nl

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam

Opening hours

Monday through Friday from 06.00-22.00 hrs
Saturdays upon request

Transportbedrijf C. Groenenboom BV

Specialists in Diversity

After 50 years of experience in transports, we know our market and their requirements. A market which is constantly moving and where we are looking for new opportunities and challenges.

We have a very experienced and loyal team of people which provides an excellent track record towards our customers  with customized solutions. Both for the processing and transport of seacontainers and for  handling machines, pumps, construction and building materials, excess cargo and so on.

Therefore, we dare say that we are truly Specialists in Diversity





Transport branch

Nowadays, Transportbedrijf C. Groenenboom B.V. has available a lorry and trailerpark, yard consisting of a rolling stock of 45 pulling units and approximately 80 trailers, including floortrailers, deep and semi-deep loaders, trailer wagons and chassis which are equipped with generatorsets for the transport of temperature-sensitive loads in containers.

Garage/Maintenance branch

In 1983, we extended our company with C.P Groenenboom Garagebedrijf B.V. in order to be able to maintain and repair our  transport equipment ourselves. To ensure a constant reliability and availability.

Our state of the art car-wash guarantees that our lorries and trailers can be consired as the businesscard of our company.


The constantly increasing pressure on the roadsystems around the European ports, has lead us to the decision to extent our services by transporting containers by ship. To this end, we have opened our own container transferium called Groenenboom Containertransferium Ridderkerk (GCR) at the port of Ridderkerk in January 2009.

GCR had, after the official opening om 10th October, 2009, already proven itself by exceeding the estimated number of 10,000 units for the entire year.

This again, llustrates the fact that innovation and anticipation on future demand is one of our key characteristics.